AdventureWorks AAR Example



On January 15, 2024, the IT team at AdventureWorks discovered a critical issue with the webserver during their routine system check. The webserver was unresponsive, causing disruption to the company's online operations. The investigation revealed that the issue was due to a spike in incoming traffic, overwhelming the server's capacity and causing it to crash.




Upon identifying the webserver issue, the IT team immediately initiated a response plan to resolve the problem. They increased the server's capacity by adding additional resources and optimized the server configuration to handle higher traffic loads. Additionally, they implemented load balancing techniques to distribute incoming requests evenly across multiple servers, ensuring improved performance and availability.




The resolution to the webserver issue involved scaling up the server's capacity and implementing load balancing techniques. With the additional resources and optimized configuration, the webserver was able to handle the increased traffic without any disruptions. The load balancing mechanism ensured that incoming requests were efficiently distributed across multiple servers, preventing any single server from being overwhelmed.


As a result of these actions, the webserver returned to normal operation, and AdventureWorks' online services resumed their functionality. The IT team verified that the webserver was successfully handling incoming traffic, and there were no further disruptions reported.


Lessons Learned


AdventureWorks recognized the need to continually monitor and scale their webserver infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their online operations. They have since implemented proactive measures, such as using cloud-based scaling solutions and regularly analyzing traffic patterns, to ensure optimal performance and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.


By leveraging insights from Microsoft AdventureWorks, AdventureWorks was able to swiftly identify and resolve the webserver issue, minimizing the impact on their business operations and ensuring a seamless online experience for their customers.

Impact of the AAR Template on Decision Making

The AAR template can have a significant impact on organizational decision-making by providing a structured approach to analyzing and learning from past incidents or issues. The template consists of three key sections: problem, action, and resolution.



The relationship between the problem, action, and resolution sections in the AAR template enables organizations to make more informed decisions. By analyzing past incidents and understanding the actions taken to resolve them, decision-makers can identify trends, assess the effectiveness of their strategies, and make adjustments to improve future decision-making processes. The AAR template promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization, ultimately enhancing decision-making capabilities.


It is worth noting that the AAR template is not limited to a single incident or issue. Organizations can use it to analyze various scenarios and learn from a range of experiences, contributing to a more comprehensive and informed decision-making process.


Overall, the AAR template supports organization decision-making by providing a structured framework to analyze past incidents, evaluate response strategies, and identify areas for improvement. It fosters a culture of learning and continuous improvement, enabling organizations to make more informed and effective decisions in the future.

Impact of the AAR Template on Operations

The AAR template used in the example can have a positive impact on an organization's operations in the following ways:



Overall, the AAR template supports an organization's information and knowledge management program by providing a structured approach to documenting incidents, sharing knowledge, promoting continuous improvement, fostering collaboration, and integrating with existing work management tools.

Impact of the AAR Template on Knowledge Management

The AAR Summary Example: Webserver Issue in AdventureWorks can be used to support an organization's information and knowledge management program in the following ways:



By leveraging the information and insights from the AAR Summary Example: Webserver Issue in AdventureWorks, organizations can strengthen their information and knowledge management programs, foster a culture of learning and improvement, and enhance their overall operational efficiency.

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