After Action Review (AAR)


As part of an organization responsible for providing technical support to users throughout the 50 States, I was hired to provide technical writing and documentation support.


Network incidents were being processed through the ticketing system, but were not receiving the level of attention required, and recurring incidents were becoming a problem. Management recognized the need for a better system to document incidents, present captured information for management review, and initiate process improvement. To address this, I developed an After Action Review (AAR) system that incorporated people, processes, and technologies to meet management expectations. In this post, I will discuss the importance of the AAR document template to management decision-making, operations, and knowledge management.


The implementation of the After Action Review (AAR) system has had several significant impacts on the organization:

Overall, the implementation of the After Action Review (AAR) system has had a significant positive impact on the organization by improving incident management, enhancing management decision-making, streamlining operations, and promoting knowledge management.

Learn more by reviewing my AdventureWorks AAR Example where I highlight the power of the template's three key sections: problem, action, and resolution.

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