Daryl Horton

Author, Artist, Photographer, Poet


Publishing News

My latest book, A Child’s Best Friend, is a children’s picture book that explores the heroic nature of some of the most fearless members of our families: our pets.

This title is available at

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HUlvSm

Over the years, I have learned much about the publishing process from planning, to writing, to editing and design, to publishing and distribution. I'm continuing to explore and learn many more things as I plan future projects around writing and publishing everything from books to film.


About Me

Daryl is a poet, author, artist, and photographer, whose work focuses on capturing and translating experiences into something we can all share and feel. The lens through which Daryl views the world is poetry and he uses various medium as extensions of this art form.

Born with pen in hand, Daryl wrote poetry and song lyrics in his youth. He later spent his early adult years experiencing the world as a U.S. Marine. During his travels, he kept journals, documenting what could be seen, heard, touched, and felt. Daryl currently resides in South Carolina where, like any good Marine, he tries to do too much with too little.

You can get a sense of the various projects Daryl is developing by visiting the links in this site and by visiting his other websites Abolitic and Urban Pugilist.

If you'd like to work with me, send a note to DarylHorton@Abolitic.com


All of her children dawned military uniforms, participated in war, took part in dangerous activities, the evil of man staining their minds, infecting their hearts, but Mom is a dove and home became their fortress of solitude, a place to receive solace, where the spirit could be quickened, and light replaced the darkness of conflict.

She bore children, many, but the lessons life teaches often tears at the fabric of sanity, leaving sons and daughters, still too inexperienced, coming apart at the seams, but like a sewing machine, Grandma patched the places in need of repair, stitching lives back together.

Photo Art

Taking good pictures is easy and I do a lot of that but a picture must be more than just good. It should tell a story and evoke an emotion in much the same way good poetry stirs something deep within. I'm interested in exploring the poetry of good photography, specifically conceptual and abstract photography. Below are examples of some of my creative photography.

The descriptions below the images are examples of how I combine imagery with poetry.

Creative Photography

A powerful image of a beautiful black woman and her black panther.


Audio Production & Cover Designs

I enjoy writing because it lets you explore ideas in creative ways. Giving a piece of writing life can be done through use of the proper writing techniques available for the chosen genre. Another way to give a piece of writing life is to record it. I enjoy exploring what I can do with a piece of writing in the recording studio. Follow my work at SoundCloud.

I also volunteer at Librivox.org where I produce audio recordings that may include my own voice acting. I also create CD covers for some of the audio productions. You can follow my work at Librivox by clicking here.


My family is deeply religious. We believe in acknowledging God in everything we do. I attempt to capture the essence of what that means in this short film.

This short film serves as a short introduction to my publishing company, Abolitic. It also debuts my current style of film making.

Film Production

I'm sure you are familiar with the statement "A picture is worth a thousand words." In poetry, the poet attempts to write word pictures that place a thousands words on a grain of rice. This is skill is one I continuously strive to improve in my own writing. It is also one of the reasons I explore the power of the image not only in poetry, but in photography. My desire to learn more about the power of the image is also what fuels my creativity in film production. There is so much to explore in moving images. I'm just beginning. Stay tuned.

  • Visit my YouTube channel to see more of my work.


Art Production

My art is created using various tools and techniques. Some of the tools I enjoy using include GIMP, Krita, and Inkscape. I create vector art and digital illustrations.