Pay as little as nothing for gas annually
Do you wish gas prices were a dollar per gallon like it was when you were in high school (pre-2000)? Would you rather pay nothing for gas every year? Wouldn't that feel like you had won some type of lottery? Well, there is a real way to do just that. It's called income investing. Everyone with a gas consuming vehicle pays for gas almost weekly. If you purchase gas, why just settle for being a consumer when you can be part owner of a gas and oil company. That's right, you could be the proud owner of stock in a gas and oil company. So what does that have to do with you not having to pay for gas every year? Simple, the average American pays $2,100 for gas annually. Most gas and oil companies pay dividends. If you purchase enough shares of a gas and oil company so that you make $2,100 annually in dividends, you could offset the cost of fuel annually. Here's an example using the gas and oil company BP:

The following calculations are based on information as current as June 27, 2018.

BP stock information

Dividend Yield:
52 week range:
33.90 - 47.83
Avg cost per share:

Consumer fuel cost

Avg annual cost of fuel

The Math


g = avgAnnualCostofGas
d = avgAnnualDividend
n = number of shares
c = current price per share
y = current dividend yield

Our equation looks like this:

y * n * c = d

Note:  For this example we'll set the average annual dividend equal to the average annual cost of gas ($2,100). I'll also set the variable c equal to the average cost per share for BP stock, but you can replace it with the current price per share for your own calculations.

.0535 * n * 40.86 = $2,100
n = 2100 / (.0535 * 40.86)
n = 2100 / 2.186
n = 960

In this example, you would need to purchase 960 shares of BP in order to earn $2,100 in dividends, allowing you to offset the annual cost of fuel. Like G.I. Joe says, "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle."


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